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Back-End Maintenance

Our maintenance service ensures your website software is maintained at the latest stable release, is secure against security threats and has recent backups in case disaster recovery is needed. 

Maintenance Agreements include:

  • Prompt application of software and security updates and patches
  • Keeping track of all your components, plugins and modules
  • Monitoring your server status
  • Monitoring site uptime
  • Monitoring Caching and website speed
  • Keeping track of traffic and search terms

Read more about why you need to ensure your website is properly maintained here.

Front-End Management

As well as updating the software used to build your website it is also important to keep the content of your site current and fresh. Keeping your website content up to date is important not only for your site's visitors but also for the search engines. Having a Content Management System is crucial but if your staff do not use it or use it incorrectly then a solution could be a Website Managed Service.

We offer Website Management Packages to overlay on the Maintenance Service described above which can include:

  • Varying levels of service available from basic content changes annually to the number of hours involved per month
  • Addition of new content on website and social media channels available
  • Image editing 
  • The inclusion of new video and eBrochures if available to the client 

 To find out more about how we can help you manage your website please contact us today  Contact Us

Website Audit

We offer a Website Audit Service for any third-party website. An Audit Report would include a 10-page report covering the following topics:

  • Keyword, Title, Description and Image Tag Analysis 
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Social Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Speed and Loading Time Analysis

An Audit Report serves as a useful analysis of your website and can form the basis of a website development plan or proposal. This service costs from €175 and can be requested via our Contact Form


Note: We offer Maintenance and Management services for websites designed by us only. We offer Website Audits for third-party sites.