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Website Content Management

Assuming your website has a Content Management System or CMS you will be able to access the main text areas and upload new images. This can go a long way to keeping your content fresh both for your website visitor and the search engines that are checking your site to see what keywords are in your content in order to know if it is a good result for a search.

If you have a member of staff with the relevant knowledge and expertise and importantly the ability to optimise and resize images then allocate some time for them to update the site every week or month at the very least. If you do not have anyone on your staff with the appropriate skills then you can either get someone trained up to take on this task or outsource the job to an online marketing company such as ourselves.

The bottom line is that a website that is left to sit on a server untouched may be causing more harm than good to your business.

  • It rapidly becomes stale, dated and boring in appearance.
  • It does nothing to encourage repeat business.
  • The site starts to slide down in the Search Engine rankings because of lack of new content and engagement.

There are a variety of cost effective ways to keep your site looking fresh and interesting and it usually only takes a little imagination and technical knowledge to achieve remarkable results which encourages repeat business and helps to maintain and improve your ranking in the Search Engines.

Ideas we recommend and can implement for websites we have designed include:

  • Installation of RSS news feeds that automatically update and refresh themselves on an hourly basis - great for encouraging the Search Engine spiders to come back regularly. Try to identify a news feed that supplies you with content suitable for your business.
  • Update a 'Latest News' page that links through to your home page and so gives your latest updates a prime position.
  • Use of Industry relevant articles upgraded on a monthly basis.
  • If you send a monthly newsletter then include a link to it on your website.

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