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Many small business owners think they don’t need a website or that it is not within their budget. Why not take a look at our list below.

  • Many people shop and make enquiries online before making their decision to buy. If your company isn't there, your customer can't find you.
  • Your customers can only get information from you during your opening hours, however, a website is open 24 hours a day.
  • More and more people are searching online to find contact details for companies rather than using the phone.
  • A website and e-mail at (your own company name) lends professionalism to your business.
  • If your business is in the accommodation sector, you can conjure up an atmosphere for potential guests.
  • A website enhances your other marketing efforts, including local marketing efforts.
  • It costs less than other marketing media but reaches millions.
  • Changes to the website can be made immediately - no waiting for printed material.
  • Potential customers can reach you easily.
  • Your website can show links to your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter allowing your visitors to follow and engage with your business in the way they prefer.
  • It establishes your brand and increases your company image.
  • Use your own company email address.
  • A mobile optimised website allows someone on the move to search and contact you from their phone.


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