Your Partner for Online Growth

Lynda set up Foran Enterprise in 2008 offering web design, web development and IT Training. Later Lynda went into partnership with Tina Costigan setting up MailMaker123 with a primary offering of email marketing. As the business grew Lynda and Tina decided to combine their efforts to meet all of their clients' online marketing needs and in 2013 renamed MailMaker123 as Edify Marketing which showcased a much broader service range. At the start of 2016 Lynda and Tina decided to revert to their previous sole trader businesses and Foran Enterprise was reborn.

Lynda is expert in e-marketing, brings over 20 years training experience having taught a wide variety of computer courses from website design to photo editing. As a web designer, Lynda is very well acquainted with all the parameters that work in making a website a success. She designs websites that are not only visually attractive to look at, but also are cross browser compatible and smooth to navigate.

With her online e-marketing company Foran Enterprise, Lynda is leveraging her years of experience in the IT industry to help companies especially the hospitality industry to successfully deliver their email messages promptly and accurately. Lynda is greatly involved in email marketing design and is committed to creating robust layouts that look great and are impulsively clickable.