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Irish email newslettersEvery day, millions of businesses, from sole traders to multinationals, send email to their clients.

  • Once you're set up to run email campaigns, you can easily launch a major marketing initiative to all your customers in a few hours.
  • There's no other direct marketing source that could be implemented in this sort of time period.
  • Achieve better results by sending targeted emails to segments of your list based on user preferences.
  • Email allows you to build active relationships with your customers and build awareness of your brand.
  • The reports you see when you send a newsletter show who opened and clicked on links to your website - It shows who was interested in what you had to say!
  • You can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and give your customers easy ways to refer your service to a friend, like and share – this is really powerful and clients report real results.

Send targeted emails to your list. We design bespoke, responsive templates to reflect your brand so you can quickly create engaging email campaigns. 

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