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email marketing reports

With so many calls on your time you need to make sure that your efforts spent following up sales leads is focused on those that you know are considering a purchase or have shown some interest already in your service, the Warm leads…

This is where the MailMaker123 online reports really shine. When you have sent a campaign you can immediately see who has already opened them and clicked on your links.

To start with the most important details will be the opened so far and clicked on a link percentages. You can click on each of these to see exactly who has opened or clicked and when they have done so. If perhaps you had sent a campaign to 500 people and 200 opened it, of these 50 clicked on a link about a service you offer then these are the leads you might focus on. You may even decide to make a special offer to the select 10 people that opened this link multiple times. This allows you to make a sales pitch to a select few rather than broadcasting a reduced rate to everyone.


The MailMaker123 team